Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nature's Best 2012

I am happy to announce that my image of Texas Leafcutter Ants (Atta texana) received a Highly Honored in this Year's Windland Smith Rice International Awards from Nature's Best Photography.

Texas Leafcutter Ants

While photographing in New Braunfels in central Texas, I noticed a trail of leaf cutter ants. I knew Texas had these ants native but I had never seen them here; yet alone in such a great photography location. I soon learned all about Texas Leaf Cutter ants by watching them and reading about them. The ants targeted an evergreen Cherry Laurel tree since it was one of the only source of food during February when this image was taken.  I was amused watching these tiny creatures in all types of weather carrying different shapes and sizes while working amazing well together.

Camera Specs: Nikon D3; AF Nikkor 200mm f/4D ED-IF macro lens; 1/250s at f/16; ISO 400; 3x Nikon SB-800 Flash full flash; Gitzo Tripod; Arca Swiss Ball head.

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